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Crayfishing festival in Polotsk district

24.07.2012 15:46, Bella Dvina

Open crayfishing festival took place in Polotsk district on July, 22. The festival  brought together amateurs of unusual trade from Belarus and Russia. It was organized by the Department for Sport and Tourism of Polotsk District Executive Committee

Crayfish-lovers  got together at lake Beloe, near the village Azino, which is in the district of Polotsk . Lake Beloe, which is extremely popular with local people, became the site for crayfishing festival. Within one hour the teams were trying to catch as much crayfish as possible with bare hands, using no oxygen masks, wet suits and breathers. 12 teams took part in the competition. That is why the competition was really tough. 

Further on, another contest took  place – footrace in the shallow water. Both contests helped to find out who was the fastest and the most agile.After official awarding of  the  winners all the participants and guests were invited to taste freshly cooked crayfish served with dill, bread and beer.  

Note that crayfishing is forbidden in Belarus during the period from October, 15 up to July, 15. That’s why traditional crayfish harvesting is limited to the end of summer.