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Water level rise in the Zapadnaya Dvina in Verhnedvinsk has exceeded the critical line

30.03.2010 17:41, Diana Kurilo (translated by Institution "Interaction"), BELTA
Water level rise in the river equals to 843 cm.

This is 3 cm more than the critical line which puts the city in danger of flood. This information was announced by the Vitebsk regional centre for hydrometeorology and monitoring of environment ("Vitebskoblgidromed").

On March 30, water level in the Zapadnaya Dvina continues to rise. In the course of 24 hours, water rises from 34 cm to 85 cm near Surazh. Hydrologists say that the level of water rise has not yet reached its maximum. In the upper stream of the river up to Vitebsk, landfast ice is still to be found. Upstream starting from Vitebsk, ice drift of various intensity has begun, which is also to be found on the Dvina tributes.

Rivers of the Dnieper basin are already free from ice. The level of water rise in Dnieper equals to 486 cm, which does not exceed average annual amount of 529 cm.