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Latvia's new slogan

29.03.2010 10:49, Translated by Institution "Interaction",

Latvia’s new slogan, developed by Adell Saatchi&Saatchi, promotes Latvia as the land which is “Best enjoyed slowly”.

According to Latvia’s news portal Delfi, the slogan has been created on request of the National Tourism Development Agency (TAVA). The cost of the new tagline equals to 10 thousand Lt (14 thousand euro).

The slogan appeared as part of the new campaign which aims to promote Latvian regional tourism. “Best enjoyed slowly” aims to increase the tourist flow to the country. The main target group is tourists who prefer peaceful leisure in the rural area, fishing and strolling along the paths of protected areas.

Contrary to the previous tagline, “the Land that Sings”, which mostly describes the capital of Latvia, the new tagline better illustrates tourism peculiarities of the whole country. According to Artis Kampars, Latvian minister of economy, Riga is an entirely different tourist product and needs to be promoted separately. The capital of Latvia will also be promoted by means of a new campaign with a slogan “Live Riga”. The costs for the new promotion campaign will equal to 2 million Lt (2.8 million euro) in 2010.

Latvia’s new promotion campaign is targeted at people aged 55 and more, who constitute the major part of European tourists in Latvia. The campaign is mostly aimed at Scandinavians, Germans, and Russians.

Large-scale promotion of the new tourist concept will begin in 2011.