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Daugavpils City Festival "Daugavpils 740"

19.05.2015 17:48, Daugavpils novada TIC

Every year in June, Daugavpils organises one of the city’s main cultural events, the Daugavpils City Festival. During the festival, the city’s birthday is celebrated with an extensive programme of festivities. For a whole week, in various locations around the city, cultural, sporting, and recreational events take place, as do markets and activities for children. During these days, the city becomes a meeting place for several thousands of people from Latvia and abroad. In 2015, Daugavpils’ 740th anniversary will also be celebrated. 

Dinaburg – Borisoglebsk – Dvinsk – Daugavpils – since 1275, the city with different names is proudly located on the banks of the river Daugava, near the eastern border of Latvia. This year Daugavpils celebrates its 740th birthday. Daugavpils with its characteristic sense of home and hospitality invites to visit the festival. From June 1 to 7, the city will fully reveal its diversity, rich history, cultural heritage and unity.

June 1-4, festival in the residential areas of the city – Grīva, Jaunā Forštadte, Ruģeļi, Ķīmija.


Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre (Mihaila Street 3)

22.00-1.00 - „Night of Art in Daugavpils Fortress”


Daugavpils Palace of Culture (Smilšu Street 92)

18.00 - Event „Honorary Citizen of Daugavpils” – award ceremony. Intars Busulisfestive concert

The yard of Daugavpils Museum of Regional Studies and Art (Rīgas Street 8)

17.00-20.00 – Instrumental music, rock, pop punk, heavy metal…

Unity Square

20.00 – Music band „Elpa”

21.30 - Music band „Pērkons”

23.00 – Video, music and lights installation „Mana pils Daugavpils” („My Castle Daugavpils”) (on the facade of the Unity House)


Day of Daugavpils

Rīgas Street

All day long – Concerts of creative groups on 5 concert stages, festive fair, amusements for children, outdoor cafes, a walk along Rīgas Street, town of education, presentations of craftsmen, tram tours, etc.

Rīgas Street – Unity Square

13.00 – Festive parade – „Baby Parade”. (parade of baby carriages)

Unity Square

13.45 – City Festival Opening Ceremony. Participates: city administration, guests, vocal studio „Pērlītes”, soloists: Iveta Ustinskova, Sandis Ulpe

14.00 -15.15 - City Festival Opening Concert: Professional symphonic orchestra „Rīga”, soloists: Ilona Bagele and Daumants Kalniņš

17.00-18.30 – Music band „Carnival Youth”/ Latvia

- Leonid Agutin and Anzhelika Varum / Russia

Daugava banks

23.00 – Festive fireworks


Day of Latgale

Unity Square

11.00-16.00 - Sport, sport, sport!

Street basketball, etc.

Daugavpils BJSS sport hall, Kandavas Street 17a

10.00-18.00 - Daugavpils Karate Academy „LFSKA” International Karate Championship „Daugavpils Fortress”

Stropu open-air stage



Names of Daugavpils at the turn of the centuries:

1275 – 1561    Dinaburg. Livonian Confederation                            

1561 – 1569    Dinaburg. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania                                        

1569 – 1772    Dinaburg. The Polish – Lithuanian State (Rzecz Pospolita)              

1582                Dinaburg is granted city rights and coat of arms

1629 – 1677    Dinaburg. The Inflanty Voivodeship                                     

1656 – 1667    Borisoglebsk. The Tsarist Russia                                           

1677 – 1772    Dinaburg. The Duchy of Inflanty                            

1772 – 1893    Dinaburg. The Russian Empire                                              

1893 – 1917    Dvinsk. The Russian Empire                                      

1918 – 1920    Dvinsk. The Republic of Latvia

1920                The city gets its Latvian name – Daugavpils

1920 – 1940  Daugavpils. The Republic of Latvia  

1925                Confirmed Daugavpils Coat of Arms

1940 – 1991  Daugavpils. The Soviet Socialistic Republic of Latvia (within the USSR)   

From 1991     Daugavpils. The Republic of Latvia