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02.12.2013 17:45, V.Kolodynsky,
Information signs were installed near 10 most important historical-cultural and nature objects of the Braslav district.
Four of them are mounted in the town of Braslav, the rest - in the district. As per District Sports Club "Drivyatich", they are installed to give minimal information about tourism objects to common citizens and tourists.
"Golden" signs on iron pillars are now decorating Roman Catholic Churches in Braslav, Slabodka, Vidzy and Drtsvyaty, the Holy Dormition Church in Braslav, Mount Zamkovaya, Borisov stone in Druja, building complex in the streets of Buloichik-Libknekht, Mount Mayak and ancient settlement Maskavichy. The information on the signs is bilingual - in Russian and in English.
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