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Take part in educational seminar devoted to tourism development in Vitebsk region

14.10.2013 17:53, Bella Dvina 2
16-17 October Polotsk will host information seminar for tourism specialists within the EU project 'Fostering Capacity for Tourism Development in Latgale-Utena-Vitebsk Cross Border Region' (BELLA DVINA-2) within the Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.
Tourism development specialists, entrepreneurs working in the sphere of tourism will take part in the seminar "Promotion of high quality communication ethics in tourism service enterprises". Special attention will be paid to the problem of rural tourism. In particular, you will be given detailed information on reporting the number of signed agreements in the sphere of agro ecotourism, changes in crediting terms. The second seminar day will be devoted to the question of priority trends in the sphere of tourism, as well as effective management of rural farmsteads in Vitebsk region.  

Those who are willing to take part in the forum please send your request to tourism expert of "Bella Dvina 2" project Igor Zagrekov, e-mail
Participation is free of charge. Travel expenses are covered by the participants. Meals and lodgings expenses for the first 30 participants are covered by the project "Bella Dvina 2".  
Contact: Igor Zagrekov, tourism expert of Bella Dvina-2 project.

Seminar programme, Russian  download (1.45 Mb, doc)