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Russian tour operators and journalists got acquainted with tourism offers of Vitebsk region.

14.10.2013 12:01, Bella Dvina 2
  4-7 October Vitebsk region hosted promotion tour for leading russian tour operators, representatives of tourist information centres, and mass media. 
Promotion tour was organized by Polotsk tourist agency "7 ways" under support of management department of sport and tourism of Vitebsk regional executive committee within the EU project 'Fostering Capacity for Tourism Development in Latgale-Utena-Vitebsk Cross Border Region' (BELLA DVINA-2) within the Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.  
This event was another step to attract Russian tourists to Belarusian tourism market, as their quantity has reduced significantly during the last year. 20 tour operators and 10 mass media representatives set off on a tour around known and unknown Belarus.
Promotional tour around Vitebsk region 04-07.10.2013 (4)The tour program began in Vitebsk district, where the Russian guests got acquainted with creative life of two outstanding artists Ilya Repin and Mark Shagal. They also learned a lot about tourism potential of Vitebsk region during the seminar in Vitebsk, which was hosted by deputy chief of management department of sport and tourism Natalia ELISEEVA. The participants of the tour also got acquainted with the Bella Dvina region and learned about the main activities of the EU project Bella Dvina 2 from Igor ZAGREKOV, representative of Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve. Tourist agency "7 ways" invited the participants to a kayak trip "From the Varagians to the Greeks" along the rivers and lakes of Polotsk district.

Next day the guests were welcome to Polotsk, the most ancient Belarusian city and the centre of spirituality. Here they visited its sacred places - the Sophia Cathedral, Convent of the Savior and St. Euphrrisyne. The evening came with the animation programme at the bank of the Dvina river featuring the theatre of historical costume "Polotksy Zvyaz" and equestrian club "Zhivoi vostorg".
Following days were also full of impressions. The Russian guests visited Miory, Braslav, Verknedvinsk and Rossony districts. They admired vergin beauty of landscape reserve "Elnya", climbed the mount Mayak, tasted cheese samples. Rossony district was remembered as a partisan side with rich military history. Everyone was touched by the animation programme stage in the museum of military life under the open sky.
As stated by representative of tourist agency "7 ways' Oksana KOZEL, "in the modern world there is a great necessity to touch the eternal values, which are so often forgotten. Tourism in Bella Dvina region is based on these values; that is our nature, folklore, trade, national cuisine and of course warmth and hospitality of our people. Taking into account the needs of Russian tourism market, we draw attention of our Russian collegues to excursion tours with animation. That will liven up the atmosphere and help us immerge into romantic or adventure journey."

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