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Braslav has never experienced such an attendance!

15.07.2013 14:01, Bella Dvina 2
Unbelievable number of guests from Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia gathered on July 5-6 at the international sports-musical festival "VIVA BRASLAU" in the frame of the EU project "Bella Dvina 2"

During these hot July days the Braslav lakes, known for their beauty, hosted guests from neighbouring lands – Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania. The Festival started on July, 5 with a sailing regatta on Drivyaty lake. Next day’s programme was even more eventful. After the official opening ceremony on the central beach the teams from Vitebsk region, Latgale (Latvia) Viva Braslav 5and Anycsciai (Lithiania) took part in different competitions: beach football, beach volleyball, darts and rowing.
The struggle was really tough and lasted almost till the evening. It was difficult to say who was going to be a winner. Still, the competition decided! Polotsk took the first place in beach football and rowing, Latgale male team was the best in beach volleyball and Braslav female team was the best in beach volleyball. Verkhnedvinsk team took the first place in darts. 
The festival went on at the town stadium. The winners of Bella Atletika were awared with medals. After that the audience experienced Bella Melodia – international variety contest. The jury had to choose the best performer according to several criteria – artistry, costume, composition complexity and others. After debating the winner was decided - it was Akhlamenok Daria (Verkhnedvinsk) - 1st place. Karpatiy Alena from Braslav won grand prix of “Bella Melodia” with the song “Adagio”. 
Music festival went on through the night accompanied by LED show, fire show and disco. 
Eugene Labut’, head of the department of sport and tourism of Braslav district executive committee said that the festival “VIVA BRASLAU” hit the attendance record and has become the most popular event in Braslav for the past years.  

International sports-musical festival “VIVA BRASLAU” was held in the frame of project Nr.LLB-1-098 'Fostering Capacity for Tourism Development in Latgale-Utena-Vitebsk Cross Border Region' (BELLA DVINA-2) is financed by the European Union within the Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Cross-Border Cooperation Programme within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument.