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Border regions of Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania are ready for new joint projects in tourism

13.06.2013 23:46, Bella Dvina 2
Elaboration of ideas for new joint projects was the main result of international tourist forum, which was held in Polotsk on May 23-24, 2013 within the EU project "Bella Dvina 2".
Tourism specialists, managers working in the sphere of tourism business as well as representatives of transboundary tourism projects from Vitebsk and Grodno region took part in the forum. Latvian and Lithuanian guests shared their experience in the development of agro tourism, hotel service, culinary and manufacturing tourism, told about perspectives of participation in the net of European culinary heritage, presented their groundwork on creation of interactive tourist paths.  

The second forum day was devoted to transboundary tourism projects that are being implemented on the border regions of Belarus.  
The forum finished with the discussion of questions of further development of transboundary cooperation in the sphere of tourism, as well as discussion of ideas for new projects, which could be financed from external sources such as projects of international technical aid. Forum participants decided, that it's necessary to concentrate on such areas as education on agro ecotourism, development of theme villages, creation of tourist paths, employment of national parks' and reserves' potential. It's also necessary to develop cooperation in such areas as maintenance of TICs, adoption of new technologies - audio guided tours, tourist counters, QR-codes, mobile applications.
Joint events such as transboundary forum are planned to take place on continuing basis in the region Bella Dvina and Baltic Country of Lakes. Beside workshops, seminars and meeting the emphasis will be put on joint festivals and bilateral visits. "Theoretical data have already been collected", mentioned project manager Tatiana Kozachuk (Latvia). -" Now it's important to share practical experience, pay attention to our neighbours' achievements and failures. This approach will help us avoid mistakes in elaboration and promotion of new tourism products."

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