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Training sessions have started in Polotsk.

04.04.2013 21:43, Bella Dvina 2
Tourism specialists studied effective planning and resource management at the seminar in Polotsk, that took place on 27-28 March in Polotsk.
The EU project "Bella Dvina-2" launches a series of training sessions on the tourism matters and improving the quality of tourism service in Vitebsk region.
Tourism specialists of sport and tourism departments of city and district executive committees of Vitebsk region took part in the seminar as well as specialists of travel agencies and tourist information centers.

On the first day of training they learned about general mechanisms of planning and managing the enterprise, which specialize in tourism service. They also analysed the efficiency of such mechanisms on the example of two tourism enterprises in Vitebsk region - Recreation center "Krupenino" and public corporation "Raido Tour". The second seminar day was devoted to managing resources in rural tourism and the system of planning and recording facilities, that provide tourism services.