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New commemorative plaque for Yanka Kupala unveiled in Vilnius

31.01.2013 11:55Belta
A number of people gathered at the ceremony testify to the genuine interest of the lithuanian society towards literary art of the Belarusian classical writer.
The plaque will be attached to building No.14 in Vilniaus Street. In 1914-1915 this building housed the Nasha Niva newspaper editorial office where the national poet of Belarus worked. The previous plaque installed in the 1980s eventually deteriorated physically and aesthetically. The authors of the new plaque are young Belarusian sculptors Sergei Oganov and Olga Nechai.

The new plaque has been created at the initiative of the Belarusian Embassy in Lithuania and the Culture Ministry. In addition, the ministry put forward an initiative to install a commemorative plaque for Yanka Kupala in the Latvian capital. The plaque created by Belarusian sculptor Pavel Voinitsky will be attached to the wall of the building of the Yanka Kupala Belarusian-language school in Riga in 2013.

In recent years, several projects have implemented to perpetuate the memory of the outstanding figures of art and culture abroad. Among the most significant projects are monuments to Vladimir Korotkevich in Kyiv and commemorative plaque for Frantishek Bogushevich in Vilnius. Work is underway to create monuments to Vladimir Mulyavin in Yekaterinburg and Simeon of Polotsk in Moscow