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They will speak about Polotsk in Paris

09.10.2012 15:33, belta,
A photographic exhibition marking the 1150th birthday of Polotsk will go on display at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on 3 October
The UNESCO viewed the 1150th anniversary of Polotsk as one of the most important international dates and included it into its 2012-2013 calendar. The decision was adopted at the 36th UNESCO General Conference in Paris. The inclusion of the Polotsk anniversary in the honorary list testifies to the significance of this event for the world culture. In connection with the inclusion in the UNESCO calendar Polotsk has got an opportunity to hold an exhibition in the UN headquarters in Paris.
A photo show “Ancient Polotsk – Modern Polotsk” will travel to Paris. The exhibition will feature over 60 works of photojournalist Igor Supranenok. The photos narrate about the city and city dwellers. According to Tamara Dzhumantayeva, the photo show will open up new facets of the Belarusian nation to its visitors, demonstrate the country’s vibrant development.
The expo will stay open until 9 October.