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Cookery experts tried “Draniki with a surprise” at the culinary festival in Lepel district.

28.08.2012 19:30BELTA
The festival took place at lake Lepel. The participants were treated to dishes of the national cuisine: young pork filled with buckwheat, fried pike and stuffed chicken.
Belarusian delicacies attracted people from Belarus and Russia. The culinary festival is interesting not only for its sampling, but also for the contest of national dishes.The guests of the festival played the role of the jury. They chose the best dish of the festival – “Draniki with surprise” . The winner was given a money prize equal to Br 1 mln.
Gastronomic theme went on with organic food fair. Lepel honey sparkled, apples grew ripe on the counters. Masters of straw braiding also exposed their goods.The aim of the culinary festival is attract attention to the tourist and ethno-cultural potential of Lepel district. In the future it can develop into a regional fair, where not only cooks will display their talents, but local artisans as well. By the way, it is not the only culinary festival in Belarus. Similar festivals are held in Ivanovo and Rossony districts. At the festival “Motal delicacies”, which took place in the village Motol’ the guests were amazed by gigantic vegetable sculptures, a straw windmill, a sausage dragon and a 1,5 ton bull.