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Tourist recreational park in Polotsk

21.08.2012 08:34,BELTA
Tourist recreational park is going to be built in Polotsk by analogy with “The August Canal”.
Tourist recreational park “Polotsk” may enter free economic zone “Vitebsk”. The place which will be particularly attractive for investors is likely to be created by analogy with “The August Canal”. Though, slightly different: if the latter is nature-oriented, then the ancient belorusian city is rich on the objects of historical and cultural heritage.
The investors will be offered to build with tax benefit objects of tourist infrastructure, hotels, restaurants and cafes in particular. In other words, in addition to visiting concerts of organ music and local museums the tourists should be able check in at a hotel, find a vacant table in a restaurant or a café without any difficulty. These measures will give force to further development of tourist infrastructure in the city.
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