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An ancient Viking site found in Vitebsk region

09.08.2012 10:16СТВ
Archaeologists explore a settlement in Vitebsk region which belongs to the Viking epoch. It is assumed that the site dates back to the 10-11th century. Several dozens artifacts have been already found. These are not only household articles, but also various adornments. So, the participants of the expedition are ready to dig deeper.

Now the expedition is exploring the settlement of 10-11 century. It was about a hectare large. The ground is good for agriculture and there is a lake nearby. The scientists have already found a site dating back to the Bronze Age and a sepulchral stone. Their connection will be determined after examination of the artifacts.The wooden construction, where now the expedition works, burned down a thousand years ago, but some fragments of a stove and pottery remained. Judging by bronze rings and buckles fond at the site, its hosts were not common peasants, but more likely feudal lords. In the 10th century Lepel region was according to modern notions a kind of “free economic zone”. The Vikings could also leave their footprint here. The Scandinavian seamen dealt with local people or served the Slav princes.