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Consecration of vehicles in Braslav district

06.08.2012 11:37,
5 August the drivers from the neighborhood of Slobodka village, Braslav district (BY) came together for a special ceremony. The Consecration of vehicles took place in God’s Dispensation Church.

Priest Sergey is going to spend the money earned from the consecration on school articles for parish children. As per priest Sergey, the ceremony of Consecration of vehicles traditionally takes place in the end of July or at the beginning of August, in the time, when the Catholics worship St. Christopher, the patron of motorists and travelers. In Braslav district this ceremony takes place in God’s Dispensation Church, in Slobodka. Usually the ceremony gathers about three hundred cars, motorbikes, bicycles, light carriages and even baby-buggies.

Priest Sergey is not going to make a profit out of this popular activity. Consequently he is planning to buy school articles, which will be distributed between the parish children after common prayer  on the 1st of September. Apart from that, the church has already bought and given out schoolbags for first formers, who live in 68 parish villages.