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Contest "Get to know Belarus"

03.08.2012 17:42National tourism agency
The Contest “Get to know Belarus” has started. Organizers of the contest accept participants’ applications.
“Get to know Belarus” is conducted annually since 2002. The contest objectives remain the same: promotion of internal and entrance tourism in Belarus, consolidation of effort made by country authorities, organizations and everyone involved in tourism as well as offering encouragement in the development of tourism industry. 
8 nominations have been worked out and stated this year:
1. For contribution in the development of Belarusian tourism;
2. For the development of internal and entrance tourism;
3. Best guide;
4. Best object of cultural tourism;
5. Best action in event-tourism;
6. For creative approach in tourism interpretation;
7. Best web site of a tourist organization;
8. I get to know Belarus.
To take part in the contest it is necessary to fill in an application form in accordance with nomination and send it to the National tourism agency: email: Deadline for all the applications except for “Best object of cultural tourism” is 14 September. The results of the contest will be published on the 27th of September.
Information about the contest: (available only in Russian)