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Bella Dvina opens its heart to every traveler, who is lured by mysterious mist of faraway woads. Rich variety of tourist routes makes sure that any tourist, whatever his or her interests might be, will find something exciting here.

Are you interested in history and culture? Welcome to towns and villages that appeared hundreds of years ago along the shores of the Zapadnaya Dvina/ Daugava, which still keep a great deal of historical mysteries, yet to be discovered. Perhaps it will be you who solves them in the oldest city in Belarus – Polotsk?.. As for Vitebsk – a city with rich festive traditions – it is still a home for the spirit of Marc Chagall, maybe for this reason the city is so favored among artists.

Tired from the hustle and bustle of big cities? It is possible to wash away the dust of daily toils in clear waters of rivers and lakes, of which there is plenty in the region. Here you can mediate with a fishing rod in your hands – your tropheys will be a wonderful haul of fish and the restored serenity of mind. If you are a person of action, energetic and keen on adventures and active recreation – go down the rivers and a labirynth of lakes in the region Bella Dvina!

Would you like to bring excitement into mundane life with romantic legends and fairy tales? Bella Dvina region is literally filled with legends. Every hut lost in the woods and swamps has an amazing tale of its own. You will hear a thousand and one story for sure and maybe – this is the place where everything is possible – get to see its characters.

Your soul hides a passion for hunting or a calm joy of a gatherer? Bella Dvina region with its abundant fauna and flora is for you then. Here one can encounter a wolf, elk, wild boar, fox, raccoon dog, hare, beaver, wood grouse, black grouse, duck and woodcock. ‘Silent’ hunting enthusiasts will get amazed with the wealth of mushrooms and wild berries in thick woods.

Do you like thrill and prefer places where no human being has been before you? Then you will positively like the “forsaken world” of Bella Dvina region – its unforgettable and mysterious swamps. Just imagine, before you no other person has gone through these squelching bogs; even if they did, mind you, they were very careful!