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Active rest

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30 Krasnaya Gorka str. (office), Object: village Budy, Germanovichi (Germanoviči) rural council, Sharkovschina (Šarkovščina), Шарковщинский район, 211910
Phone: 80215442600. 6335722,61
Extreme hiking trips "To the lungs of Europe": various difficulty levels, helicopter flights
Osveja, Vitebsk region, Верхнедвинский район
Phone: +375 2151 57338
Horseback riding trips
village Rositsa (Rosica), Vitebsk region, Верхнедвинский район
Phone: +375 2151 57338
Koptsevo village, Dvinskaya str. 15, Полоцкий район +375 29 212 55 50, +375 29 665 68 78
village Murashki (Muraški), Vitebsk region, Миорский район, 211938
Phone: 8(02152)35144
To see main sights of the Miory district and Braslav lakes, follow one of the many local tourist routes
village Murashki (Muraški), Vitebsk region, Миорский район, 211938
Phone: 8(02152)35159
Catamarans, volleyball and football playgrounds, walking in the forest, etc.
Osveja, Vitebsk region, Верхнедвинский район, 211 629 +375297124539, +375295175359
Horseback trips
village Kohanovichi (Kohanoviči), Vitebsk region, Верхнедвинский район
Phone: 8-02151 28661
Winter swimming, biking
village Pyatigorsk, Vitebsk region, Бешенковичский район
Phone: 80213134934. 375295935626
village Potino, Vitebsk region, Верхнедвинский район
Phone: +375 2151 5 37 84
Village Lesnikovo, Vitebsk region, Верхнедвинский район
Phone: +375 29 212 36 94
Arrangement of winter hunting
54 Oktyabrskaya str., Polotsk, Полоцкий район, 211400
Phone: +375 214 42 73 67
Hunting organisation
Solnechnyj lane, Vekhnedvinsk, Верхнедвинский район
Phone: +375 2151 52168
Arrangement of hunting
village Novoe Selo, Vitebsk region, Верхнедвинский район
4 Sovietskaya str., Rossony, Россонский район
Phone: +375 2159 4 18 60
Perfect place for active leisure. Cycling, water and foot routes have been worked out for this territory.
Верхнедвинский район
Phone: +375 2151 57338
Verkhnedvinsk, Верхнедвинский район
Phone: +375 2151 53364
1 Dachnaya str., Braslav, Браславский район
Phone: +375 2153 29361
Foot and water routes are worked out through the territory of the park
village Lisno and its surroundings, Vitebsk region, Верхнедвинский район
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Riebiņu nov., LV-5329 +371 26315587
Lielā iela 49, Daugavpils, Daugavpils +371 29493121
Kombuļu pag., Soleimi, Krāslavas novadsvads, Krāslava, Krāslavas nov.
Phone: 29379685
46 Ģimnāzijas Street, Daugavpils
Phone: +371 65404900
Parādes iela 17, Daugavpils +371 20337130
70a Rīgas Street, Daugavpils +37129887713
Esplanāde, Daugavpils
Phone: +371 65422818. +371 26444810
Riebiņu nov., LV-5329 +371 26465998
Raiņa Street 25, Kraslava, Krāslava, Krāslavas nov., LV-5601
Phone: +371 62904553
The large 25-meter swimming pool has 4 lanes. Depth: 1.30 - 2.10 m. The small swimming pool is 4 x 6 m long and 0.96 m deep. Jacuzzi is available. The wellness area includes a sauna (dry, without brush, temperature 70 - 90 degrees), a steam bath (temperature 45-47 degrees) and an ice room. Internal regulations and prices can be found on the page Opening hours: Mondays- closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9.30 - 21.30 (SPA zone is opened from 17.00 to 21.30) Saturday, Sunday: 9.30 - 21.30 (SPA zone is opened from 12.00 to 21.30)
24 Draudzības Street, Demene, Demene parish, Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 20 583 044
Laser tag is a safe and painless shooting game with harmless infrared laser weapons, which can be played by children who have reached age of 6 years. Shooting, running, hiding from the opponent and tension that’s lurking behind every corner, will give you your dose of adrenaline. The Laser Tag game captures every single player and, no matter how tired he is, everyone want to continue. A girl or a boy, everyone can get into a sniper or a soldier’s skin and, acting in a team, defeat the opponent. Birthday, name day or just good mark at school- “Vizbuļi” is an excellent party place or place where to spend time with friends. From Daugavpils you can get there: – by car – by minibus (up to 12 people – 45 EUR) – by bus (up to 28 people – 60 EUR) – by public transport (Bus station – Demene, Zemgale)
Kombuļu parish, "Auriņi", Facebook “Lost in Latgale”, Krāslavas nov., LV-5656 +371 25232244
Welcome to one the most distant kayaking destinations of Latvia and Europe - region with more than 270 lakes in the region. We invite you to escape a city rush and go on a guided kayaking tour in the Sauleskalns lake systems for exploring untamed nature, unique flora and fauna, local tales and delicacies. Flexible duration and level of challenge. Accommodation available. Get to know Latgale not leaving environmental footprints.
Daugavpils nov.
Phone: +371 29849940
Paintball is a modern, quickly evolving adrenalin sport, which requires more than just speed, agility, strength and a good physical condition. During paintball you will need a great deal of tactical thinking while staying coolheaded. You will experience joy and euphoria from victory as well as disappointment, when you find out how easy it can be to lose. Lasertag or laser paintball is a new kind of outdoor activities, exciting team game, tactical laser battles, available to everyone, and it is completely safe. Laser tag is interesting and accessible to everybody – both adults and children, gathered, for example, in such a way to celebrate someone’s birthday. Your sweet girlfriend and children will play it with pleasure. Our instructor will help to understand and master the game quickly.
Silene, Skrudaliena parish, GPS: 55.72143149999999 , 26.786776799999984, Daugavpils region, Daugavpils nov. +371 22013509
Bartkeviči, Ūdrīšu pagasts, 5 km no Krāslavas, Krāslavas nov.
Phone: +371 29168156, +371 26172091
The Sports Amusement Park offers active recreation, thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle and a full range of leisure activities. Leisure in the sports park is for both adults and children. The Sports Amusement Park offers a military simulation game “Airsoft”, a fun team game "Futgolf". The air obstacle course is popular among visitors. It is 2.5 m above the ground. If you want to relax, you can take a 90-meter-long walk on the Angel's footpath. The trail is covered with 25 different sections and 13 natural materials. Especially recommended for people with orthopedic problems. Hosts offer team building games for corporate or birthday parties - various athletic team games in the fresh air. There is the opportunity to participate in master classes in soap making, candle or wax making and aqua-gravy. There are picnic areas, tents, cozy sauna with barbecue. Book your visit in advance!
Rugeli reservoir, Daugavpils +371 26399916
Pamales, Skaista, Krāslavas novads, LV-5671 +371 29441221
Joy on water. Rent of boats. Rent of bicycles.
Lesinski, Kaunatas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, Rēzeknes nov., LV -4622 +371 20221941
Siveriņa, Rušonas pagasts, Riebiņu nov., LV 5329 371 29101378, 27640775
Aizupmājas, Ņukšu pagasts, Ludzas nov., LV 5730 371 26525785
Boats, fishing, excursions on droshky
Kumbuli, Demene parish, Daugavpils nov., LV-5442
Phone: +371 22478665
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