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Cross the borders

A tour abroad: a few tips on how to get ready for it

In order to enter a foreign country you must have a valid passport and visa or any other authorization document, stipulated by the national legislation of a foreign state.

Before leaving the country, learn as much information as you can about the country you are going to, i.e. political situation, customs and behaviour.

Going abroad:
Check validity term of your passport and your visa to the destination country. Make a photocopy of your passport or write down the number, the date and the place of passport issue on a separate sheet of paper.

Please note that your passport must not be damaged, shall not have any spots or unauthorized records. Always carry your passport on you and never use it as a documentary pledge.

Take other documents proving your identity; you may use them in case you lose your passport or in case it is stolen. It might also be a good idea to have 2-3 photos, including those of your children.

Check and carry on you the address of the host company; do not forget tourist vouchers and official invitations.

Your medical insurance is quite important, so refer to tried-and-true agencies and learn more about medical services provided in the host country and payment terms.

Should you need any competent legal advice, please, ask at the consular department of Belarus (for citizens of Belarus), Latvia (for citizens of Latvia) or other relevant state.